Anish Chacko

Content Writer & Editor

More than being just a good friend from church, from my experience and interaction on the work front, he's a good mentor and a reliable source for career guidance. Thanks to him, understanding what was required for a company profile and how to transform an existing CV into a professional one was a fruitful and eye-opening experience. And that paid off! Moreover, he's patient, ensuring that you get to your destination. Patience is a rare virtue in this busy world, and you can be assured that you're in safe hands with him. All the best, captain!

Kanchana Srinivasan

Communication Specialist

George has been my Career Coaching consultant since 2004, except we never called him that until recently. His advise led me to pursue my course in Public Relations and he even opened a few doors for me to experiment with my career choices. He is patient and perceptive and has been a rock during my transitions. If you are looking for someone to be a non-judgmental sound board, who understands your professional scars and yet wills you to look at the bright side, who will put you in your place of it needs be, albeit gently, who will help you make the right professional decisions without being aggressive, you are definitely looking for George. George has a nose for people, skills and passion and can be called a professional matchmaker who has utmost integrity. His purity of purpose trumps any other return and that I believe is what makes you seek his support. If anyone is trying to find answers on where to go next or solve their career angst, look no further, for George can reveal many answers in time.

Priyanka Victor

It was a mind-blowing experience connecting with Varghese sir. I had a session with sir through a call, where he made me analyze who I am and what my strengths and weaknesses were. He was guiding me to overcome my weakness and gave colorful lights to my career path. Thank you sir for showing me my career path. I would strongly recommend sir for all the people who are struggling with their career decisions.

Supraja Banukumar

Sr. HR Generalist @ Chennai

Mr Varghese George is a charismatic , vibrant and wonderful person who is always engulfed in a field of positive aura. A thorough professional and a top notch mentor whose analyzed inputs enhances our profile in 360 degrees. He restructures our profile in a manner that would focus on our strength from an angle that we would have not thought about. He is a warm and welcoming person who has all ears for healthy discussion on HR related topics that I have enjoyed to the fullest and rich with subject knowledge. Thank you will not suffice for Mr Varghese George for being so selfless and enriching my career path. He is an asset to the HR field and a ray of hope to many budding HRs.

Swedha Sankar

Assurance Executive – Big 4 Consulting Firm

I connected with Varghese sir during a crucial point in my career. The call lasted only for an hour however that 60 mins took a 360° turn in my career. He let me analyse myself in all the perspectives through which I was able to take my decisions with confidence. Thank you so much sir for your guidance & thoughtful words.I will surely recommend sir to all the young minds out there who are stuck between various career options and struggling to build a foundation.

Ashita Shah

Junior Software Engineer

I am Ashita Shah, currently working as a Jr. Software Developer at BitCot Technologies. During my 3rd year of Computer Science Engineering, I had to decide what career I wanted. On the recommendation of a relative I had a career counselling session with Varghese George of Trinity Associates.

Before I met him, I was confused and unaware about strengths and weaknesses. After a Q\A round, he helped me establish what my interest was and gave me tips, ideas and knowledge on how to achieve the path I wanted to walk on.

He helped me realize that I was more creative and capable than I thought I was. I had a clear perspective of looking at new opportunities.

He said the key to any career is a Resume, with his help now my Resume has everything I want an employer to know about me and it looks professional.

He also asked me to focus on developing my general knowledge by improving my reading and writing skills through newspapers like: “The Hindu” – Business Times and Economic times, to attend online Aptitude Test, scheduling my day and my daily tasks, improve my listening skills and the most important to develop my technical skills and learn every day.

He made me understand that in any career I chose the key was dedication and focus. He helped by counseling me about how to work on my weaknesses and be a better person. After the session, Varghese had been following up with me and also giving me feedback on our session and gave me steps to follow in various topics we discussed in our session. My experience with him was very helpful and had cleared my confusion that I had.

Subasri Srikanth

Analyst – Large Financial Consulting Co.

Mr. Varghese offered excellent career guidance and helped me navigate through career opportunities, identify my key interest areas and work on my resume and interview skills. He was always reachable and offered valuable insights!

Ganapathy Murugan

Former Fellow Recruiting Professional

Mr. Varghese George is currently a Career Guidance professional, with over 25 years of experience in HR Functions, specializing in Recruitment / Talent Aquisition Management. Currently, he inspires Recruitment / Talent Aquisition professionals to better their career through Webinars and / or training them individually to make them understand the essence of the activity.

He is a gentle human, whom I have never seen out of control. We met as fellow recruiters and grew to be friends over the 25+ years we know eachother for. He is someone you'll want to have around when you need good, firm advice and positive outlook at problems.

He is someone that can teach people, how to turn a problem statement in to an opportunity and succeed.

Aishwarya Nagarajan

HR Professional

I have known Mr.Varghese for over 2 years now and the professionalism that he carries is commendable. He is an expert when it comes to Career Coaching and Employability Training. Right from Resume Building till Employment, Varghese is a go to person. He just needs a glance, to understand about the individual, their personality, their specialization and their expertise to give them necessary guidance for their career development. Any individual would be lucky to have Varghese as his/her Coach and he earns my highest recommendation.

Prashanth Nainar

Project Manager – IT Company

I had the privilege to be coached and mentored by Varghese very recently. His support towards helping me build my career were very enriching.

The strategies and knowledge that was shared would be a great asset whilst growing in a very competitive corporate environment.

Varghese has my highest recommendation as a Coach and Mentor

Abinaya Sankar

Business Analyst

I met Mr. Varghese in person and the way he guided and enlightened me with the importance of asking questions to ourselves was remarkable. I was able to evaluate myself with every question that he brought up, which made me list out all key skills. He counseled me to draft a resume for the career I was looking for.

I would recommend him to anyone who seeks career advice and need help with assessing their skill set.

Vidhya Ramkumar

Sr. Manager – Learning & Development @ Large Bank

I was lucky to have been introduced to Varghese a few years ago, I recall the day I went to meet him for the first time to get some career advice, must admit I went with no expectations but came back with a new surge of energy, confidence and with a clear career path ahead of me. Verghese has been my career coach and mentor since then, his thoughts are simply yet practical and valuable to sustain and grow in your workplace. To quote specifically, the insights and tweaks he provided in crafting out my CV was remarkable. Thank you Varghese for all your support and guidance and I hope many more people are able to benefit from your wisdom and experience in career coaching.

Twinkle Xavier

Entrepreneur and Formerly PR Professional

I have known Varghese for over 16 years now. The best career advice he gave me was to "Stay Put" in my job as Account Executive. I don't regret it. I worked in 20:20 MSL for 10.5 years, till I became Account Director. Thank you, Varghese. You made my career!

Vaishali Karthik

Human Resource Professional - BFSI

Mr.Varghese, to me has been a phenomenal Mentor. Any confusion with regards to career, personal development - he is my go to Person for rational solutions! He has empowered me with the importance of asking questions-this leading to fruitful consequences. I am able to re-collect the time where he was invited for a guest lecture in college and it was an eye opener for us. Art of constructing a resume was beautifully explained by him. Reality of HR as a function was presented to us by him. I thoroughly recommend Mr. Varghese for his professional approach and value proposition that he brings to his clients.

Harini Sriram

HR Professional, Bengaluru

There are very little words to thank Varghese Sir, he has been a ray of light and guidance and has taken time out to guide me through my own share of career troubles. He took time out to meticulously plan my profile and that has helped me so much in my subsequent interviews. His insights in recruitment and mentoring has been tremendously helpful and I strongly recommend him as a mentor. Thank you sir!

Boby Thomas


I hadn't written a CV in over two decades. Varghese George helped me create one and mentored me on my career progression. One of the best activities that has enriched my knowledge and directly contributed to my future career. I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring mentor, thank you so much...

Vijayaraghavan T R

Sr. Manager – Oracle Fusion , Large IT Company

Varghese George is a dynamic person with good mentoring experience. Whenever I seek his guidance in terms of my career challenges, he always guided me well with lot of patience. He is a go to person to get career guidance and counselling. His knowledge and analysis about the market is impeccable and I admire his skills in predicting the future trends..

Maria Job

Academic Writing

My introduction to Mr Varghese George's work began as a Masters student in late 2016. Mr George had been invited by the Human Resource Management Department at Madras School of Social Work to conduct a two-day intensive workshop that dealt with Career Coaching and Employability Training. We analysed trends in the job market and looked at both general and specific factors that help improve employability. Mr George had taken the time to look at several CVs and provide vital insights into how and why it was necessary to re-structure them. He had organised several back to back mock-interviews to simulate the actual hiring process. The workshop was rigorous and extremely useful. Apart from the excellent workshop, I have been in touch with Mr George via email for the past two years and he has been a valuable source of guidance in my career. His many years of experience in the field of recruitment coupled with his genuineness and pragmatism are qualities that make him a superb mentor. I sincerely recommend his services to anyone in any part of their career.

George Samuel

Sr. Manager - Sales Planning @ MRF

I had the opportunity of interacting with Varghese recently. He came through as someone who gets into details, able to critically evaluate one's strengths & weaknesses & accordingly suggest additional training, besides analysing situations & advising on career related decisions. In short a hard core career-mentoring & Career Coaching training professional!

Gurmohan Singh

Sr. Director - HR and General Counsel

Varghese is friendly & extremely helpful. A genuine pleasure to work with. He has been our selected and chosen partner for a great number of years. One of the few Consultants who actually give honest feedback to the roles. Happy to recommend his services. I wish him all the success.

Vijaya N Sunder

Senior Director, Logic Information Systems

Trinity Associates was instrumental in bringing us the best candidates with Retail Experience and my association with Varghese from both personal and professional front goes a long way. Every meticulous, gives a patient hearing to the requirements raised and tries to bring in candidates that fit the position accurately. Varghese does a constant follow-up with the candidate placed as well as with the organization to understand the candidacy from both sides; this defines the commitment which is admired by the Senior /> The recent venture to move into consulting on Career Coaching for Freshers and Professionals is added feather to his strong expertise in mentoring and managing an end-to-end recruitment process. Varghese has been a go-to person for expert guidance on Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development. It has been pleasure working with Varghese and establishing a business relationship for 11 strong years. All the best, captain!

Anand Pattabiraman

Co Founder & COO , IT Company

Varghese exhibits professionalism in his endeavor and maintains highest level of integrity and ethical practices. I wish him a great success in his profession in time to come...

Srinivasa Raghavan

COO - Training & Services Company

Varghese (Trinity Associates) has been a good friend and has professionally been engaged with various organizations that I have worked with both domestic and international. He can be counted upon every time and has never let us down in any scenario. When he says he delivers he does !! Additionally he also has excellent values and a very high level of ethics which is of paramount importance. I will continue to work with him and have no hesitation recommending. He is an asset to the HR community !!

Rupa M P

Sr. Manager – TA @ IT Company, Bengaluru

It was indeed a pleasure to connect with Varghese when I was seeking out for opportunities. A thorough professional with excellent understanding of the requirement of his client and the exact fitment of the candidate. He goes into every detail right from making sure all experiences are well captured and all documents are available. With this approach, it is an expected fact that Varghese will achieve success in any venture he decides to pursue. Here's wishing Varghese the very best in his existing and future ventures

Rajeeb Ghosh

COO & Director, Flightcase /LS P Ltd.

George was a gutsy guy, always ready for new challenges ahead. Nice to have seen him grow on his own strengths

Prabhu Kumar

Co-Founder, Logic Information Systems

We have been working with Varghese and Trinity Associates in fulfilling the staffing needs at Logic Information Systems (India) Private Limited since 2007. Varghese and his team has provided excellent service to our organization by finding top notch technical talent. Apart from our staffing needs in the Technology domain, Trinity has helped us with our staffing needs in office management and business development roles. Varghese is also very good at setting realistic expectations on what he can deliver and meet it. He has also handled challenging circumstances of new hires going back on their commitments after giving written acceptance of the offers. We continue to work with Varghese and his team and we recommend his firm for any SME that needs to hire good technical talent in this tough market.

Sudarsan Ranganathan

Chairman and Managing Director, Veeras Infotek

Varghese brings in the right resources at the right time and is easy and amenable person to interact with...His understanding of the requirements and his ability to source the right candidate have been really helpful for us.

Mahesh Packiaraj

Manager - South India, Middlesex University

Know Varghese from the late 90's. He has helped me in meeting the staffing requirements at my work place. I have been very impressed and comfortable with his work ethic. The aspect which stands out is his honest and no nonsense approach. He is reliable and prompt in his communication. I have enjoyed working with him and hope to do so for a long time to come.

Athulyoan Sridharan

AGM - Head Global Sales Operations, HCL Technologies

Varghese is known to me for a long time. He is a person with very high integrity and values. He is a very dedicated and trustworthy person. He emphasizes a lot on ethics and integrity. He is a man for all seasons. A true friend and service provider who is prompt and reliable.

Ramesh K

GM – HR & Admin, GoDBTech

Excellent feedback from him for all my requirements with reg to recruitment and talent acquisition. Highly dependable for prompt service.

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