Career Coaching

Trinity Associates offers coaching services to Job seekers from all domains and in different stages of their careers. Career Coaching plays a vital role in today's employment services due to the different career opportunities that are emerging day by day, for graduates and working professionals. The approach of Career Coaching varies but will include the completion of one or more assessments. Career Coaching assessments typically include 1:1 exclusive assessment, review, and recommendations, customized for the client’s career plan and growth.

An analysis of the candidates assessed over the two decades gained an in-depth insight about various challenges faced by a candidate, particularly their lack of awareness of their strengths and areas, that they actually had scope for phenomenal improvement, which necessitated this exclusive Professional Career Coaching Service.

Findings also included lack of clarity on resume creation and development and how it could be used to access their desired job, enabling them with financial stability and scope to improve their quality of life as a whole. Our coaching includes working on their career options, resume development skills, interview handling skills, post-interview follow-up processes, and other career challenges.

We counsel job aspirants and working professionals, end to end from working on their career options and resume formatting skills to their actual performance at the interview to the post-interview follow-up processes on what is acceptable and what should totally be avoided.

The coaching service's main purpose is to help individuals and make an effective correlation between the internal attributes of the client with the external factors of employability. Our role is to be the sounding board, wherein we facilitate the client to delve into their potential, on the basis of their interest, education, and skills, and guide them in their career planning and development.

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